Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Freelance Graphic Designer

I absolutely love to create beautiful designs.

From birthday invitations, shower invitations, web art, brochures, newsletters, business cards, logo's, apparel, stickers, ... you name it, I've done it!

And, I'm for hire!  Contact me for samples of my portfolio.

Custom Invitations, Announcements and Note Cards
          Christmas, Holiday, Birthday, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Graduation, etc.

  • $25.00 flat rate
  • Up to 2 edits
  • Includes digital file for printing

Business Cards

  • $15.00 flat rate
  • Up to 2 edits
  • Includes digital file for printing
  • Additional fee may apply if logo work is required


  • $50.00 flat rate
  • Includes 3 sample work ups
  • Up to 5 edits
  • Digital files in varied formats

Brochures, Posters, Newsletters

  • $50.00 flat rate
  • Up to 5 edits
  • Includes digital file

Web Art and/or Blog Design
  • Contact me for a consultation

Custom Work
  • Contact me for consultation.

**At this time, I do not have printing services.  However, there are many printing options available both locally and on-line in which I can assist you with.

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